Saturday, 12 April 2014

The perfect one-piece

I have been searching for a nice one-piece swimming costume for literally forever (a few months)! I hunted through Topshop, New look, ASOS and Blackmilk as well as more obscure online boutiques. As usual, I'm picky enough to need something that I consider perfect but poor enough to have to say tearful goodbyes to those that are. I would never have thought to look in Primark of all places, yet, here we are. 

Before work today I decided to have a wander round town and unsurprisingly popped into the aforementioned shop. I was actually in search of some midi rings because mine go missing quicker than I get drawn into buying shoes - that's pretty quickly, in case you didn't know. I did manage to find some in actual fact but I thought I'd save those for another post, mainly because I would have to paint my nails for the pictures and then take it off again because I have work tomorrow. Hey, I'm lazy but at least I'm honest. What I wasn't expecting to stumble upon on my Primark visit was a one-piece that had me absolutely head over heals:

I mean come on, it has horses majestically running through the breaking waves on a palm tree covered beach in a so-tacky-it's-cool kind of way, what's not to love? More surprisingly perhaps is the beautiful cut. It has a dropped back and sides which I adore. Overall it seems like a really good quality too, with my only concern being how see-through it will be on the lighter areas once wet. At £10 though, I really can't complain!

I can't say until I've tested this bad boy out at the beach, but I think I got a winner. 

Have any of you bought Primark swimwear before? 
Bethany Paige X

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  1. I saw this in there yesterday and fell in love with it! Such a great primark find :) xx