Tuesday, 20 May 2014


If you ask me, anything that is a blend of two words is usually pretty amazing. Blog. Sporks. Bromance. Nintendogs. Bootylicious. I could very easily go on but I shan't because you get the point - Portmanteaus (apparently the posh term for blending words) are endlessly entertaining! Near the top of this list though, perhaps just after "moobs", is "skort". Not only the kind of word that I could happily say twelve times over, but also the item that seems to have had quite the impact in the blogging world of late. 

I mean, it's a skirt and it's a pair of shorts. What's not to love? The security of shorts with the style credentials of a mini skirt. Kind of like a reversed mullet - Business in the back, party in the front. Who ever thought that piece of genius up deserves some kind of award. And while we're at it, we need to make sure "pleather" is in the nominations too. 

With that in mind - the wonder of the skort is the kind of thing I think about on a daily basis - I set out to find one. Searches turned up a lot results thanks to the likes of Topshop and Boohoo but nothing caught my eye enough to warrant the splurge in wages they would require. Then, as is often the case, I was wandering around the shops near my work before I started a few days ago and I saw it. The skort of my dreams. The kind of skort I wouldn't blame you for thinking had been hand crafted by angels if it weren't for the highstreet label inside. Surprisingly, that label shows that it is from Pilot which means that I have both found the perfect skort (from a shop I never really appreciated before) and it was a beautiful price. At just £14, I honestly think I was guided towards it my some kind of heavenly presence. Fantabulous. 

Aside from the beyond gorgeous print and the fact that it actually has pockets, the high-waisted cut is perfect for my frame. With a crop top, chunky sandals and a mocktail of some description, I can already see the perfect summer day forming in the not so distant future. 

Portmanteau count: Ten
Regrets: None 

Bethany Paige X

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