Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ashish X Topshop

Ashish collections exemplify the way I would dress if I lived in London and didn't have sixth form dress code regulations to abide by. My wardrobe would be saturated in oversized slogan sweatshirts, punky floral prints and would be sodden in sequins. Basically, I would recreate every single season of Ashish on a smaller budget (London apartments are pricey, you know?)

That said, I was recently fed the dream that such funding issues would no longer be a problem as Topshop and Gupta joined forces to create a perfectly insane collection at beautifully sane highstreet prices. I was fed the dream of  stacked platform trainers, black mesh and a wardrobe that flashes an array of colours at the control of a remote, easily accessible on my most visited website and without the designer price tag. I have literally been excited about the Ashish x Topshop collab since the minuted it was announced. In fact, it's possibly the only collaboration I've ever looked forward to, aside from Rihanna for River Island.

Unfortunately for Topshop, much like Rihanna for RI, the collection was disappointing. I like the idea of a light up clear backpack, but something about it wasn't quite right. Most probably the £350 price tag that accompanies its novelty. And tongue in cheek beach towels are all good and well until you note the fact that they cost £75 for a pair. I mean really, Topshop? I think you're getting a little big for your flashing boots. Considering a huge proportion of your sales come from teenage girls working four hour shifts at their local cafe every Saturday for money, I'd say you missed an opportunity. But hey, I'm no business expert.

If I wasn't so appalled by the prices which would literally cost me two months worth of waitressing wages for one pair of shoes, it saddens me to say that I would think most of the collection is dreamy. Wearable? Not really. Dreamy? Yes. Very. It's arguable that a few more sequins would not have gone amiss, and a pair of those two tone jeans from the SS14 collection would have made my year, but with slogan t-shirts promoting your twitter handle, you can hardly complain.

So, the highly anticipated Ashish x Topshop collection - Deliciously humorous. Disgustingly overpriced.

Bethany Paige X


  1. I checked this out and thought some of it was cute, but I agree it's ridiculously overpriced. I don't mind humorous, casual clothing at certain times (i.e. I have the compulsory 'Geek' T-shirt, and still kinda want the 'more issues than Vogue' one) but I would never pay those price points for that kind of thing! xxx

    1. That's exactly it - the humour is great but the money it costs is insane! Thanks for reading Hannah xxx