Friday, 16 May 2014

OOTD: Sunshine

Boots - H&M//bag-Puma//skirt-River Island//top-Primark//earrings-gift 

Despite the fact that I burn quicker than a vampire, I've always loved the sunshine. I am not a fan of layering, nor am I a fan of tights in any form or anything knitted unless absolutely necessary. Essentially, I despise the cold and the clothing it requires. So, as soon as the sun makes an appearance that lasts for more than a week, I am (more literally than I care to admit) jumping for joy. There's nothing more deeply satisfying than stripping away the layers of gloom that winter brings, in favour of your summer wardrobe. 

To celebrate the surprisingly toasty temperatures today gifted me - I could actually sit in the garden without risking hypothermia for the first time in months - I thought an OOTD was in order. Plus, it coincided nicely with my first afternoon off from revision since exam season started so it was hard to resist finally writing a new post. 

There's something innately summery about the slightly sporty aesthetic of this white mesh panelled pencil skirt. It also does most of the work for the outfit, only needing a basic crop top and my trusty monster boots to complete the basis of the look. Then all I had to do was add on some typically Beth touches - huge gold earrings, a messy bun and a somewhat out of place backpack - to create my idea of warm weather perfection.

I will be back to my usual blogging routine soon I absolutely promise! When exams are over I'll be a constant presence on your dashboard once again.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend,
Bethany Paige X


  1. love this pencil skirt. I wouldn't trust myself to wear white though because I am a klutz but I loved this outfit on you very effortless and wish you best of luck on your exams

  2. super cute skirt with the mesh panel on the sides! sweet outfit!

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    AL xx