Sunday, 8 June 2014

Raise Closet Swap: Backpacks, flats and reflective sunglasses

I hate the cold weather. If it didn't provide me with an excuse to wear my pink mohair coat, I'd probably go as far as saying that I detest the cold weather, but everybody likes a pink mohair coat. I most certainly prefer summer clothing though. There's probably nothing better than finally freeing your legs from Primark "super-cosy" tights and allowing them to hopefully develop away from the questionable shade of white that they are throughout the rest of the year. 

It was this love of summer, and hatred of winter, that made me interested in 's campaign, Closet Swap. They asked me to put together a blog post showing how my wardrobe will be making the transition into summer and what I'll be wearing throughout the warmer months. is a website completely dedicated to buying and selling giftcards (aka your absolute saviour for when you get an unwanted giftcard at Christmas but can't bring yourself to just throw it away). It also gives you the opportunity to buy them at a discounted price. It really is a win-win situation.

For me, there's three items that will be ruling my summer wardrobe - Reflective sunglasses, flats and backpacks. As much as I hate the word "practicality" it's a huge influence over what I wear when the sun is smiling. That's mainly because summer is simply made to be enjoyed, so I don't want to be hindered by huge platforms or tiny clutch bags. And as for the sunglasses, you just have to protect your peepers and look stylish whilst doing it. 

I decided to use Raise's Closet Swap as a chance to show you all three examples of how I'll be styling these three summer essentials. 

Snakeskin hightops - H&M // Chunky sandals - Primark // Skaters - Topshop 
Pink sunglasses - Primark // Gold sunglasses - From Madrid // Rainbow sunglasses - Primark

Vintage black backpack - Puma // White backpack - New Look 

Neoprene skirt - Storets // grey t-shirt - Primark // high top trainers - H&M

T-shirt - Cordeilia // shorts - Uniqlo // shoes - Primark


 Unicorn print dress - Lashes of London // Snakeskin skaters - Topshop 

What are your summer essentials?
Bethany Paige X

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