Tuesday, 3 June 2014

OOTD: Zara meets Celine meets Charity Shop

In the fashion blogger universe, contrary to common belief, money actually does grow on trees. The laws of biology don't extend into OOTD and haul posts, clearly, because there is a whole lot of Valentino heels and Kenzo jumpers floating around this wonderful place on the internet which we inhabit. Not just that, but girls my age seem to have the funding to purchase copious amounts of Topshop which as my last post discusses, seems to be getting a little big for its boots pricing wise. So either they have a really well paid weekend job, their parents pay for such outings, or my first hypothesis is correct - money grows on trees. The later seems to be the most likely to me, I just haven't had the luck to find these plants that sprout £50 notes on a regular basis quite yet. Or even one that sheds pound coins for that matter.

So for the time being, it seems as though at least one item per OOTD will be listed as "thrifted". I estimate that a third of my wardrobe is made up of charity shop bought clothes which means it's inevitable really. Some people would be embarrassed by that. Me, I'm not easily embarrassed. I see no shame in buying gorgeous clothes with an equally gorgeous price tag. 

My most recent thrifting success came in the form of a woven, tartan dress originally from Zara and somewhat reminiscent of Celine's AW13 collection. It looks an awful lot like those huge plastic shopping bags you see people take to Poundland or discount shops. It doesn't sound it, but that is a complement. The best thing is, in all of its Zara meets Celine glory, it cost me a grand total of £15. After doing some research online (any true thrifter knows that finding out how much you saved is one of the best parts) I discovered that on eBay the dresses are going for between £50 and £80! If there's one thing that makes me smile in this world, it's that. Even if I haven't found the forest of money just yet.

Dress - Thrifted // Boots - H&M // Bag - Topshop (gifted) // Glasses - Bought in Madrid //
Lipstick - Rimmel in Heart Breaker // Nails - Rimmel 60 Second Dry in Black Out

Bethany Paige X


  1. Lovely styling! I wish money grew on trees! I buy a lot of Topshop (in the sale, where possible) but I agree about the pricing. Years ago I got a store card in there which was simultaneously the best and worst idea I ever had ;) xxx

    1. Thank you lovely! I think we all do and I would definitely buy from Topshop 24/7 if I could, but sales are the compromise we make haha! I don't think me getting a card would be a good idea, I would be broke all the time ;) Thanks for reading Hannah! xxx