Sunday, 22 June 2014

Cleated thoughts

When you work part time as a waitress, you have to seriously consider how you spend your microscopic wages. I talk from experience. A lot of experience. When it comes to buying shoes, I work out the price on a roughly "cost per wear" basis. As much as I hate to say it, and even more so hate to do it, I have to take into consideration whether I could wear them to Sixth Form. So that means no skyscrapers. Obviously there are slip ups (mind the pun) and I occasionally splash the cash on the most impractical heels I can find, but usually it's flats and chunky soles all the way. Recently though, my longing for the impractical has kicked up a gear. I'm basically dreaming about cleated soles!

Of course, if I bought every pair of insane shoes that I want, I'd be well and truly broke. Blogging about them though, doesn't cost a penny!

Alana white - £38 La Moda // Beatrix Black - £35 La Moda  // 
Pink SInger Chunky platforms - £55 Topshop// Mulder boot platform - Jeffrey Campbell // 
Trainer platforms - $140 Jeffrey Campbell 
(From top left to bottom right)

Is there such thing as rehabilitation for cleated sole obsession? 
Bethany Paige X


  1. If there is, I need to attend it too!
    Lovely picks. I own fake Scullys so I feel it's only right that I get some Mulders in my life! xxx

  2. Sign me up too!
    I bought a pair of LaModa Autumn's and they didn't fit :( sending them back was the worst thing ever! I think I'm still grieving x