Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sir, yes sir!

I can't sleep! I'm not sure why but tonight sleep completely eludes me, perhaps because it's the summer holidays and I don't have to do anything major tomorrow so my body decides to stay awake. My usual term time routine is wake up at 6:30, leave the house at 7:30, get to school for 8:00, leave school at around 15:40 and walk home, and then sleep by 22:00. However as soon as summer hits that all goes out of the window. I go from military precision to care free with no planning necessary.

Talking of military, yesterday whilst out in one of my favourite thrift and vintage shop filled towns, I finally got hold of a camo jacket for myself. I've been after one for so long, and since seeing one on Rita Ora my desire only grew. At £10 it was a real bargain as well. Considering they're going for about £50 in Topshop, I'm pretty proud of the price I paid for it. I'll try my best to post a picture of it up for you guys tomorrow once I've had the chance to take one. 

 I'm hoping to get hold of some cheap Velcro army style patches for it on Ebay or something like that. If any of you have any idea where I can grab some, let me know in the comments, it'd be lovely of you.

 Rita Ora -

 Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X

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