Sunday, 29 July 2012

Are you jelly?

When I was little I used to love my jelly shoes more than life itself! Seriously, they were probably my favourite shoes ever. As I mentioned in my post “window shopping and jaw dropping”,  ten years later they seem to be getting popular amongst fashionistas. It’s almost as though they’re becoming a micro-trend for this summer. This is great news for me since last summer in the River Island sale I bagged myself a pair of lilac jelly sandals. I've always loved them, and now it seems as though the love is spreading. I’m so glad I got them cheap as well because they are seaming to be a lot pricier this time around! I absolutely adore these shoes –

Apart from the fact that they rub a bit (but beauty is pain darlings) they are the perfect sandal for this summer. The colour, the style, the material - this is love. I'm hoping to get another pair of more robust, chunky jellies before the summer leaves us.

On another note, I've got down to some DIY and thrifting yet again today, and so I'll post about that tomorrow if I can.
Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X


  1. These are so cute and practical :)


  2. Those are adorable! When I was younger I desperately wanted some jelly sandals as both my sisters had them. My mom promised she would get me some but never did! So a a few years ago I reminded her of this, and 10 years later she made good on her promise! So now I have pink and clear ones, I always feel the slightest bit silly but still whimsical and stylin' when I wear them. They're so fun!

    perfectly priya

    1. Awh that's so sweet!! I used to love my jelly sandals when I was younger, so I'm glad you got them, even if a little late haha :) They really are fun to wear, and I guess that's what fashion is all about right?

      Thanks for reading! XX