Thursday, 19 July 2012

New shoes!

Sports and I…well, let’s just say we’re not the best of friends and I’m of the strong opinion that tracksuits should be left to the gym. However, even after my lack of interest in the whole sports luxe trend initially, there’s something that’s managed to convince me it’s not all bad. Wedged trainers. It’s a touchy subject amongst the fashion crowd, dividing the best of fashionistas in to a love/hate feud. To be honest when I first spied them I couldn’t stand them. The idea of trainers whilst not playing, or attempting to play, football freaked me out completely. But slowly, I’ve fallen in love. Since then, I’ve been trying to buy a pair of these beauties at as low a cost as possible. I’d come to the conclusion that it possibly wasn’t meant to be when all available wedged trainers were way out of my price league. Then, I found the pair for me. Believe it or not, from Primark, for £15! White with metallic gold strips and my oh my are they perfect. In case you didn’t notice, I said £15!


The question of how to wear wedged trainers is an easy one to answer. Mine go with anything and everything. From my skinny jeans, leather shorts, and white pleated skirt right on through to my black body con dress. In case you’re not yet convinced of their fashion credentials, they are so amazingly comfortable as well, especially considering they’re inexpensiveness. Though I’m not sure the term “hidden heel” applies to all of them, they certainly do elongate the legs brilliant. These are set to be my summer shoe staple.

Did I mention they were £15?!

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige x

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