Thursday, 22 November 2012

Male influences

Everybody’s heard of the classic “boyfriend blazer”, but not many ladies can pull off actual men’s wear. However, Rihanna is clearly an exception. The style icon proved just why she got such a title this week whilst turning on the Christmas lights at Westfield Shopping Centre in London. Of all the designers in the world that are begging for Rihanna to wear them, she chose Raf Simmons (jacket and shirt) and Acne menswear s/s 2013 (suit).

As is to be expected, this caused quite a split in opinions, but I for one adore this look. Somehow I think that the inmate style stripes, royal blue blazer coat and sharp white collar shirt, not forgetting that they're all from menswear collections, work perfectly together. The femininity of the outfit is somehow all bought through the choice of accessories. Perhaps that's what makes RiRi so special, her ability to take an altogether unexpected outfit and make it seem rather natural for her, purely by adding her usual mish mash of gold jewellery and red nails. To finish the look she added a simple pair of grey pointed heels. Perfect.

 Let me know what you think, hot or not?

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X


  1. Hot, although I'd prefer it if the jacket was a little less oversized. I'm such a fan of the suit/coordinates trend x

    1. See I like it at this size, but I love it when people disagree with me on this sort of thing, so thanks! And me too, absolutely loving it x