Saturday, 24 November 2012

Winter wrapping

One of my favourite parts of winter is heading out and just walking, with no real purpose. I love the look of frost on windows, the white mist that appears as you breathe, and especially admiring the Christmas decorations as December approaches. One thing I’m not such a big fan of however, is cold fingers and toes. That means wrapping up warm before going for a winter wander. Of course I’m not complaining, why would the prospect of layering up in fabulous clothes be a bad one?

Winter opens up a whole host of fashion opportunities, from woolly accessories to leather cover ups. So, I think everybody should take advantage of the cold, and treat the snow clad streets like a catwalk in some of this season's best warmers.

Monster furs:


Funnel neck in Burgundy - Topshop £85, Ombre faux Mongolian fur coat - Topshop £89, Oversized stripe fur - ASOS £85, Faux fur coat in brown and white - ASOS £56

Leather ankle boots:

Alexy Platform chelsea boots - Topshop £75, Biker boots by CJG - Topshop £165, Modern vintage carina leather boots - ASOS £75, Cowboy ankle boot -Zara £99
Androgynous blazer coats:
Mid length check coat - Topshop £110, Wool contrast boyfriend coat - Topshop £98, Dark grey oversized boyfriend blazer - River Islan £70, Short military jacket - Zara £119
Lady like gloves:
Pin stud leather gloves - Topshop £24, Dent keyhole driving gloves - ASOS £31.50
Geometric jumpers
Handknit cross jumper - Topshop £295, Clean check jumper - Topshop £42, Zig zag fairisle jumper - River Island £35, Minkpink domino tex jumper - Urban Outfitters £85

 What's your favourite winter warmer?
Thanks for reading,
Bethany Paige X


  1. Ohh, these items are everything I want in my closet for this winter =) Especially the androgynous blazer coat and most especially the monster furs - I so want one now!
    - Che

    1. Thank you! I'm just loving the moster furs too xx

  2. Love the geometric sweaters! :D

    Great post! I wish where I lived it would get cold for me to actually wear one ... the lowest it might get is 58-60 something degrees in the morning but then in the afternoon it would rise to the high 70's so you're extremely hot in whatever outfit you're in! :/ ugh -- can't wait till I move to NYC! :D

    xo - Britt

    1. Thanks Britt! I love that we get seasonal changes over here, as much as the British do love to complain about it! haha xx

  3. Love that Ombre fur coat! Great post, i have those gloves, they are a must in winter:)

  4. hey love the burgundy on I just it use as Valentine's Day inspiration look on my blog :) btw love ur blog!
    greets from Thailand :)