Monday, 19 November 2012

Watch it!

In today’s modern world there seems to be square shaped block in everybody’s pockets. As handy as it is to have constant access to our Blackberries and iPhones, it’s a sad truth that having the time in little numbers at the top of a screen has led to the downfall of watches.  Perhaps to most people this doesn’t seem like too big of a problem, but I see it as a huge waste of a fashion opportunity. After all, it seems absurd to never wear a bracelet right? Even if you don’t require a watch for practical reasons, treat it as your new accessory, with the added bonus of not having to squeeze your phone in to the pocket of your skinny jeans for easy access.

Luckily for those of us trying to save the good old watch, the high street  and designers offer some gorgeous ones. Think: style and practicality twisted together in one stylish band.
Here are some of my favourites

 Casio face watch - £40, Double face expander watch - £34, May28th floral watch - £35, Globe leather watch - £26, Glitter strap watch - £20, Rainbow face watch - £22   (All Urban Outfitters)

May28th rabbit watch - £25, Vivenne Westwood Neptune watch - £175, Rotary skeleton watch - £169, Casio rose gold watch - £47.50 (all ASOS)

Will the watch make a comeback? Only time will tell!

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X


  1. The first watch at the top is not new. My Mom has an old watch from my Grandmother that is the same exact look ... so it's just another fad coming around again! & Yes, I agree ... the watch's are seeing a downfall! :/ I cannot imagine leaving the house without a watch so I'm still a watch person! haha :P & I never really understood the two watch faces ... [unless you split them up into two different time zones I guess, but if not I don't see the point!]

    Anyway, great post!

    xo - Britt

    1. Oh haha yeah I know, they were quite big in the 80s and before that. I've mention it in loads of posts before this! I just love it :) thanks ! X

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