Saturday, 26 January 2013

Celebrity inspiration: Miroslava Duma

Russian born and former Harper's Bazaar editor Miroslava Duma has quickly become one of the biggest names in fashion. Her street style credentials are through the roof, with magazines and blogs alike gagging to picture her. After seeing the now freelance writer in one of 2012's best outfits - that stunning scifi- esque Balenciaga top and super short mini - I decided to take a closer look at some of her other ensembles. 

It's a given to say that she's stylish, but I didn't realize that typing her name into Google images would be such a gold mine of style inspiration. Her use of structure, colour and cut is the epitome of chic. Miroslava seems to have some sort of skirt, usually a micro mini, super-glued to her seemingly never ending legs the majority of the time, with only the occasional pair of jeans or trousers popping up unexpectedly. It's also quite a task to find an outfit in which she's wearing flats. Skyscraper heels are part of the fashion editors' uniform though, so it's no surprise really! 

Here's a selection of my favourite Miroslava Duma looks: 

Which is your favourite outfit? 

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Bethany Paige


  1. I nominated you to do The Liebster Award! : ) x

    PS I love your blog, and my favourite outfits from this post are 3rd or 5th on the left. X

    1. Thank you that's so lovely! I've actually have been nominated a while ago, but I'll still do a post at some point answering all of the questions you set! xx