Saturday, 12 January 2013

Street style appreciation: Vintage kitty

Today I met up with eBay and Topshop addict Chloe, for another edition of street style appreciation. This lady has some serious style, and manages to mix modern and vintage pieces to form something perfectly eclectic. After crushing on her clothing for quite some time now, it seemed only right to invite her to become the second member of my street style squad. She's a very deserving member, I'm sure you'll agree.

Chloe wears: Shoes - eBay originally Tuk, socks - Topshop, Dress (worn as skirt) - eBay originally Topshop, Shirt - Tophop, watch - eBay, peace bracelet - Topshop, Cat necklace - Topshop, bag - Primark, Jacket - Miss Selfridge

Where's your favourite place to shop?

Definitely eBay, purely because it has a great collection of vintage pieces that aren't as pricey as they would be in highstreet equivalent stores. I'm a complete addict, and check the eBay app for new clothes and accessories every day. In terms of the highstreet my favourite has to be Topshop but I also dip in and out of the Urban Renewal collection for Urban Outfitters.

What's your favourite eBay buy?

Probably my Cat shoes, originally from Tuk (pictured above) . I wear them all the time, and they go with most of my wardrobe because they're black and work amazingly with skirts. I get some strange looks when I wear them, but still absolutely love them. Plus, they were only £20 which is a complete bargain!

What do you think is the biggest fashion faux pas?

I hate matching velour tracksuits. They're so disgusting, where's the appeal?! I also dislike knee boots in shiny patent fabrics, I think they're really tacky. I'm not a big fan of snapbacks either, or when people try really hard to be "hipster". Not a good look.

What is your favourite era for fashion?

I like most eras to be honest, and try to take inspiration from all of them. I especially like mod 60s style though. I adore the film Quadrophenia for its fashion, it's amazing.

What's your outfit staple?

I have this green parka coat that I've absolutely worn to death! I considered spray painting The Who symbol on the back of it but couldn't quite bring myself to. I think it would look great but I love it too much to risk it going wrong, it was quite expensive. Anything velvet, denim or leather is also an outfit must.

Who are some of your style icons?

Alexa Chung! She looks beautiful in everything; there's not one of her outfits that I don't love. I also like the artist Grimes, not for her clothes in particular, but because she does whatever she wants in terms of style. Her individuality is inspiring for me. Music influences my clothing choices quite a lot actually, I love the Vaccines and Swim deep.

How do you finish an outfit?

Dark lipstick is something I'm really getting into recently. Rimmel's Kate Moss collection always looks fabulous, and today I'm wearing Rimmel Starry Eyed. I think deep reds and purples really suit me, and matte finishes are easier to pull of.

Her coolness is undeniable! Thank you so much for your time Chloe, you've left a certain fashion blogger extremely jealous.

Thanks for reading, 
Bethany Paige X

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