Sunday, 20 January 2013

Seeing style in the soccer Mom

They're belly button grazing, rolled at the bottom, the opposite of figure enhancing, and often seen slightly battered on the legs of "soccer moms" climbing out of their SUVs. They are, in principle an opposing force to fashion. In fact, they're widely regarded as a disgrace in the world of clothes. Granted, the style scene has witnessed some rather strange revivals (I'll point you in the direction of shoulder pads), but this isn't so much of a rekindle. Were Mom jeans ever, well, kindled? I'd say that the answer to that is "no", but now suddenly, thanks to Topshop, apparently they're hot.

How this happened completely escapes me, but somehow I'm beginning to lust after them. Not even so much beginning anymore. Perhaps it's a case of them being so completely awful that they cause the laws fashion to inverse, and manage to spin their way from gruesome through to the other end of the spectrum - gorgeous. Or maybe I'm delusional.  Either way, I can see endless styling possibilities for them. Imagine them with a pair of ankle strap white heels and a plain white oversized t-shirt, or a checked shirt and some studded pumps. They could work, albeit unconventionally, to create so many looks. You have to admit, they're looking a little more high fashion now you think about it. 

So, judge me as you will, but I won't rest until Mom jeans become a part of my wardrobe, and preferable the blue pair on the far right of the picture. What do you think though, Mom jeans: Yay or nay?

Thanks for reading, 
Bethany Paige X