Sunday, 6 January 2013

Street style appreciation: Purple boots and a box bag

There are some people that just have natural style. The kind of people that can dip in and out of trends whist maintaining their individuality, and setting their own as they go. The kind of ladies you see sweeping their way down the streets, and are utterly jealous of everything they're wearing. They aren't the models in magazines, and they haven't been dressed by top stylists, they've dressed themselves and still look amazing. In my opinion, they deserve only the highest style praise! That's why I decided to start a new type of post on Paige of Fashion: Street style appreciation; A fashionable nod to the people that haven't yet had the recognition they deserve.

To kick off the proceedings we have the gorgeous Kelsie, who's an amazing friend of mine:

Kelsie wears : Waistcoat - thrifted, denim shirt - thrifted, bag - thrifted, jacket - thrifted jeans - iternaccionale, boots - H&M
Where's your favourite place to shop?
Charity shops of course! There's nothing better than finding a treasure that you know no one else will have, and at a great price too! Plus it makes shopping feel like a good deed as apposed to a self indulgent act, because with everything you buy, you're giving to charity.

What's your favourite piece of clothing that you own?

I honestly don't think I have a favourite piece of clothing, that's like asking me to pick a favourite child! I suppose it changes seasonally, at the moment I have a few contenders - my denim shirt (pictured above), a gorgeous black velvet crop top, and a pair of 80s style high waisted jeans that I  bought recently.

What do you think is the ultimate fashion faux pas?
Probably those outfits that consist of as little as physically possible! The classic teenage bandeaux and knicker shorts. Please, put some clothes on, because in this case less is not more.
Who is your style icon?
Again, I'm going to have to be difficult and say that I don't have just one style icon, I have several. Firstly the ladies in The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Hilary for her suits and hats, and Lisa for her laid back, high waisted jeans and high neck tops. Cher and Dionne from clueless are also a must mention, if you've seen the film you'll understand.  I just love 80s and 90s fashion! Finally, Beyonce purely because she pulls off every look, from sophisticated, to edgy, to casual, perfectly.
What are your outfit staples?
Well, I tend to steer away from wearing the same clothes regularly, but in terms of shoes I have a few. I love my brown slouchy suede booties and a pair of black heeled Chelsea boots that I bought a few months ago too. I'm a stickler for heels!
What are your A/W must haves?
I really want a pair of hidden heel high tops in black, and also a high neck maxi or midi dress. I'm totally lusting over this amazing red velvet Ralph Lauren suit as well.
Finally, what's your top fashion tip?

As long as you feel good and love what you're wearing, you're probably absolutely killing it! Don't listen to anybody that says negative things about your clothes, they aren't the people wearing them after all.
Thank you Kelsie, you stylish lady! I'll be back with another street style appreciation post before you know it.

Thanks for reading,
Bethany Paige X

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