Thursday, 3 January 2013

Firmoo glasses.

A few weeks ago I received a packaged from the lovely people at Firmoo. If like me until recently you haven't heard of them, head on over to their website ( and educate yourself! The premise behind the company is quite simple; they're an online shop that creates glasses with both prescription and non-prescription lenses, making the world of eye wear even more open to anybody, anywhere. The amount of choice available is amazing, and much better than that of your average shop. The only problem with ordering online, as with all online clothing retailers, is that you can't try the item on. Firmmo have attempted to combat this problem though, with a sort of virtual fitting room. You can upload a picture of yourself and then the glasses are put on top of the picture, which gives you a reasonable idea of what they'll look like on you. Obviously, you still can't be certain of what the product will look like in reality, but at least you have a better idea.The product descriptions are also quite detailed meaning that you know exactly what to expect.

I chose a pair of round framed glasses, with non-prescription lenses. They're a really high quality product and look as though they could withstand quite a lot, which is an absolute requirement for me! The colour of them, a shiny black, means that I'm not restricted in what I can wear them with either. If I'm honest, I'm not too sure whether the frame suits my face that well, they're a bit of an awkward size for me. I guess that highlights the problem with online shopping that I mentioned earlier. Either way, Firmoo delivered them quite speedily and they came with a case and lenses cloth, so as a business they're brilliant.

Take a look online at their collection, you might just be amazed!

Thanks for reading,
Bethany Paige X