Thursday, 26 December 2013

OOTDs: Festive style

Christmas isn't over yet. I refuse to admit it. In fact, I plan on stretching it out into the foreseeable future, since it is my favourite time of the year! And this year in particular has been extra special. As well as receiving some absolutely spectacular gifts, which I will be posting about later, everybody loved the presents I gave them and most importantly, I got to spend the period with my family. Of course, it also gave me the opportunity to dress up a little which can mean only one thing to a fashion blogger - OOTDs! 

Christmas Eve: 

Scrunchie - unknown, necklace/earring set - Topshop advent calendar, 
jumper - thrift shop, dress - Primark, boots - H&M

I spent most of Christmas Eve indoors with my family, but instead of wearing my usual PJs all day, I thought I would add some festive style to a laid back look. It seemed only right to wear this oversized red jumper at some point over the season and paired with my tartan scrunchie, I don't think the outfit could be more Christmassy. I had to drag the outfit a little further away from the realms of what a 10 year old me would have worn at Christmas though, so I added on my jersey grey dress and chunky monster boots! Thick black tights kept me even more toasty and I finished the look with my simple diamond chain and earrings from my fabulous Topshop advent calendar.

Christmas Day: 

Dress - New Look, shoes - Primark, lipstick - Elizabeth Arden in Sultry

For Christmas Day I stepped up my game and went for a less laid back style. As you can see, it gave me the opportunity to wear this gorgeous tapestry skater dress that was bought especially for the occasion. It fits beautiful and the print is just a dream. I am in love! Keeping it as the main focus, I paired it with plain black pumps and thick tights. Obviously, me being me I couldn't keep the outfit too formal so I also added on some deep red/purple lipstick and my usual out of control mane of curls remained! 

I hope you all had beautiful Christmas periods too, and if you have some festive OOTDs up then feel free to comment your links bellow. I would love to see! 
Bethany Paige X


  1. Love the pattern on your Christmas Day dress, it look lovely!

    Hallie xx

  2. Nice festive look :) feel free to check out our newest post x

  3. I love the new look tapestry dress & the laidback looks, lovely ootds xxx

  4. Your tapestry dress is too pretty on you omg-__- You can totally wear that at any time of the year! Thanks for sharing your ootds! ^^ x

    1. Awh thank you so much Emily! That's lovely, I'm glad you enjoyed reading xx