Friday, 20 December 2013

2013: The Year of The Cyrus

I wonder what people will think of, in 20 years time, when they hear "2013". The birth of the Royal Baby and North West, the return of Gaga and the introduction of Robin Thicke with that song plus numerous twitter trends that can be described as nothing but insane, to name just a few will probably stand out. For me though, there is but one person - and her tongue - that will forever remain in the 2013 spotlight. Miley Cyrus.

Yes, 2013 saw Miley Cyrus develop from being a certain loveable teenage TV character, into a scantly clad, party loving individual who has the ability to cause controversy like no other with a simple post on Instagram. She's not exactly been a rarity among the style columns either, regularly being critiqued on her fashion choices. Of course, certain VMA outfits are most prominent in all of our memories, but she's had her style successes too. They've just been, shall we say "overshadowed"?

The Good...

Granted, the hairstyles may not be all that (yes, Met Ball outfit I'm talking to you), but it's undeniable that Miles has shown us her style credentials this year. Within these looks, she manages to retain her now trademark craziness, without going overboard. She pairs kooky pieces like her duo "Mom jeans", cropped Mickey Mouse jumper and insanely short leather skirt, with chicer items like the bright white heels, A-line midi skirt and metallic accessories. Even whilst going all out - because I doubt you see many people wearing a money print skirt and top set - Miley keeps her jewellery to a minimum of basic gold chains. Plus, her short hair makes the look even more desirably urban. Cyrus circa 2011 certainly couldn't have pulled it off!

The bad and the ugly...

I know you can't stop Miley, but how I wish you would. 

These are some of her more memorable looks of the year to say the least, and it's not really hard to see why. I just can't comprehend them. Why does she need an obscenely large Chanel bag during a performance, what could she possibly be carrying? Why are the faces of The Notorious B.I.G and Tupac wrapped around her body? And more worryingly, why is such an item paired with thigh high, bordering on hypnotic boots? These are the questions that will continue to plague me. 

In fact, her furry mouse leotard (there's a phrase I never thought I would use) is possibly the least revealing of all her insane looks. But she ripped it off to reveal flesh tone PVC underwear soon enough, so I'm not sure whether that counts. Probably not. 

It's not hard to see why Miss Cyrus has been causing waves in the fashion world when on one side she manages to make a Marc Jocbs net dress look simply stylish, whilst on the other her white net dress looks more like something she would purchase in Anne Summers. Or maybe a cheaper, less classy version of Anne Summers. But hey, I guess she's just being Miley, and that's kind of why we love her. 

Bethany Paige X


  1. I've loved seeing her shock and showcase her fashion this year, it's sure been entertaining xxx

    1. That's for sure! Thanks for reading Jessica x