Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A beautiful year and more beauty to come

2013 has been one hell of a year. Without the slightest hesitation, I would say that it has been the most beautiful year of my life as well as a huge learning curve. I wanted to avoid the kind of clich├ęs that NYE posts often bring, but I can't help but feeling as though this year I have really found myself. 

A lot has happened. I finished my GCSEs and moved up to Sixth Form, made some new friends and kept the old ones that still mean the absolute world to me. I've learned even more just how much my family mean to me and how important it is to cherish them while you can. I had the most amazing summer of my life which will remain forever in my memory. My love for writing has grown when I didn't realise that was even possible because I loved it so much already. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I've let myself dream more freely and I've realised that people who don't understand why you do what you love, are not worth knowing.

The circumstances that 2013 bought with it have changed me a lot and I believe that change was for the better, although it's not something that I planned. I'm sure that 2014 also has a lot in store for me and I'm optimistic that I will make it an amazing year. 

In preparation for the beautiful memories that 2014 and I are going to create together, I made a few things that will keep me smiling and help me to remain utterly in love with life. 

My "Beautiful moments: 2014" jar is something inspired by my internet travels. The idea is that every time something nice happens this coming year, whether it be success of some kind, a day out with wonderful people doing wonderful things or anything that makes me smile, I will write it down and put it in the jar. This time next year I have no doubt that it will be bursting with beautiful moments, which I can read over and realise just how amazing the year has been, despite how it may feel at some points. 

I'm not a big fan of normal New Year's resolutions and the idea that a New Year should bring a new you. However, I do like the idea of setting some achievable aspirations out so that as the year begins I can start finding out more and more about myself. That's why I created this list of little things I want to do at some point or throughout 2014. They range from regarding education and making people smile through to things that I just want to experience and I have no intention of doing anything but achieving each and every one of them! 

You may also have realised that I've given my blog a bit of a re-vamp in time for 2014. I think that this design is a lot more personal and individual to me and I simply adore it. Plus, who doesn't love to see flowers growing? 

I think that as the year is coming to a close I have nothing more to say than thank you to everyone who has made 2013 so special! I hope you have wonderful times celebrating the start of 2014 and that it's beautiful for each one of you throughout, because you all deserve it. 

Bethany Paige X

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