Sunday, 29 December 2013

An addiction to gold

I always seem to be drawn to gold. When faced with a selection of jewellery my fingers naturally sway towards the gold - in terms of colour not necessarily the metal type - and away from the silver, which very rarely makes an appearance in my shopping basket. Recently though, my obsession has kicked up a gear! Thanks to Christmas and the sales that it brings with it, over just the past week I've somehow acquired 5 gold pieces. But they're not all rings!

Firstly, I have my new pride and joy - a Michael Kors rose gold watch. This beauty was an extremely generous Christmas gift and one that I am beyond grateful for. I've always wanted a Michael Kors watch, as you all probably know, so opening this on the 25th caused quite a large amount of girly screaming! It's just so perfect. No doubt you will be seeing a lot more of it!

H&M £2

I hit the sales on the day after boxing day, as per usual, and H&M facilitated my need for gold jewellery perfectly. For £2 I got this adorable necklace, with raw gold style blocks on a dainty chain. It's relatively small in comparison to my usual choice of chunky jewellery, but it's anything but boring. I think it's the kind of piece that can be worn with almost anything due to its simplicity yet will still add interest to a plain outfit. 

H&M £1

I got this thick gold bracelet as a piece to wear with the gold chain that I also bought from H&M last year. I've had my eye out for one similar but for some reason never got around to making the purchase. So, when I saw this beauty for £1 I just couldn't resist.

H&M £2

I have worn this solidly for the past three days! I think the main reason for such an adoration is its stylish simplicity. It's not garish but it's also not too delicate which makes it my dream ring and extremely wearable. The ring actually came in a pack of two with a silver version as well, however I doubt that it will be worn anywhere near as often as this one.

H&M £1

Finally, I got this chain style ring. It was also £1 and I have no more of an explanation for its purchase except the fact that it thought it was pretty!

Is there such thing as an addiction to gold?
Bethany Paige X

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