Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mini makeup and accessories haul

I was recently lucky enough to receive a £10 Amazon voucher for "achievement in the study of Drama throughout year 11". As you can imagine, I logged on to my account on the same day that I won the voucher and spent all of it at once on pretty things! And pretty things always warrant a new blog post. 

The first item that landed in my Amazon basket is this simply divine Elizabeth Arden lipstick in Sultry - an extremely deep red bordering on purple. I've been after a shade like this since probably the beginning of the year but somehow I've managed to withstand from purchasing one. Until now, obviously. Apart from the beautiful colour, the price made it absolutely irresistible. It came to a tiny £3 because it's actually a tester that would usually be sold to shops to use on display. You can't really complain when it's the same lipstick just without the fancy lid and with a plastic one instead!

If you follow me on Instagram (@paigeoffashion) then you will have seen this hat before. Several times. Since the first time I saw it on twitter I've been absolutely obsessed - that kind of fashion obsession that means you lay in bed at night creating outfits around it. Well, I finally had the opportunity to get my hands on one and, of course, didn't pass it up. No doubt this will feature in an OOTD fairly soon, because I'm simply in love.

Until this week, I'm ashamed to say, my eyebrows have been pretty neglected. Apart from keeping them in shape through plucking, my makeup regime has not included my eyebrows whatsoever. I have finally purchased an eyebrow bar though and it is amazing considering it cost me just £2. It contained 4 different eyebrow colours, an eyebrow brush, a makeup brush and stencils. It's my new addiction.
This was kind of just a basket filler so that I had used the whole voucher and didn't leave a silly amount of money on it by the end of my shopping, since it was £1. I've never really seen an eyeliner like this - and that's saying a lot considering my status as an eyeliner addict - but it's amazing. It's soft enough to glide onto the lid and the thickness is great for creating flicks. I'm not quite sure how it will be once the end has become blunt though, because I doubt you can sharpen it. 

Not bad for £10, right? 

Bethany Paige X


  1. That eyeliner is so cool!
    .Georgian Clare.

  2. I'm in love with your hat too hehe^^ But I don't think I'm cool enough to wear one-_- x

    1. Thank you!! :)) haha I'm not cool enough really, but I wear it anyway! x