Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Pick of the crop

I've always been wary of crop tops. I'm liable to sway between utter infatuation and severe animosity. I think the later of these two feelings spawns from baring witness to a tendency that is devastatingly common among girls of my generation. In winter you remain relatively safe against such scenes, but in summer you are likely to become submerged amongst girls sporting a-little-too-tight denim shorts and bandeau "tops". I feel like I can't walk down a UK street in June without seeing someone wearing that exact outfit, paired with Vans and frilly socks. It's as though I can't breath without somehow inhaling the fibres excreted by cheap (I don't mean in the thrifty sense) crop and strapless bandeau tops! And I can't help but wonder why? Despite the obvious disregard for any fashion thought processes that may have occurred, let's be quite honest - it's never that hot in the South-East of England, is it?

Still, each to their own I suppose. 

But that does leave behind my statement regarding infatuation.You would think that after being bombarded by what are, frankly, such disturbing scenes, I would be forever scared by the idea of crop tops. I wouldn't blame you for expecting the fashion loving part of my brain to be eternally blunted to even the largest of style possibilities encased within the smallest pieces of fabric. Yet, it is not. I send my thanks to those bloggers and magazines that have managed to successfully style crop tops to my taste and (high) standards. Without you, I would be even more prejudice regarding them. I also commend the fashion designers who have achieved crop tops that retain some form of class and a large amount of beauty.

I have no doubts that this summer will follow the same crop top situation that it does every year in Teenage Girl Land, but I am also anticipating and looking forward to the re-emergence of its much more fashionable older sister. The SS 2014 catwalks showcased many, thanks to the likes of Lucas Nascimento (a personal favourite) and Paul and Joe. A flash of midriff here. A high waisted piece there. And not a pair of ill fitting shorts in sight.

Lucas Nascimento 


Paul and Joe 

Simone Rocha 

Salvatore Ferraga

Bethany Paige X

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