Thursday, 2 January 2014

Lips all caked in wine

I've always felt that lipstick can change how you feel drastically. For example, when I used my new Topshop Lip Bullet for the first time, I seemed to transform comfortably into the slightly gothic Beth that makes an appearance every now and then. This visit from my alter ego gave me the perfect opportunity to test run a few more of my recent wardrobe additions.

Most excitingly, I wore my simply divine white boots. As you probably remember, I was lusting over them for quite some time and I finally got them this Christmas, causing an extreme case of excitement! I paired them with my new maxi pinafore which I picked up in Forever 21 over the Christmas sales, worn over a simple black t-shirt and sheer tights. I finished the outfit with my weight in gold jewellery, some glittery socks and my much loved velvet scrunchie.

Dress - Forever 21
T-Shirt - Primark 

 Lip colour - Topshop Lip Bullet in Wine Gum
Necklace - H&M 

 Shoes - River Island

Rings - Amazon 
Watch - Michael Kors

Bethany Paige X

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  1. i absolutely love this dress and the shoes!

    xo Sarah