Saturday, 25 January 2014

Tartan and tapestry bargains

Thrifting, eBay and Amazon. Three words that I strongly believe should be the foundation of every fashion loving and money saving individual to grace the vast world of blogging. They act as my main source of bargain beauties; each their own internet haven of pretty little things that make me and my purse smile (and leave me with enough money to buy a new purse and new lipstick to cover that smile in, if I so desire)! I would happily - and do - spend hours walking around highstreets sprinkled in charity shops and scouring online for something unbelievably beautiful with a more unbelievable price tag. 

Recently, my bargain efforts have been focused upon the accessories sector of my ever growing wardrobe. And it's undeniable that my efforts have paid off!

Amazon - £3 for a set of 5 

I decided that it was about time to finally join in the fashion blogger hype over minimalist band rings worn on multiple fingers. I adore them. Apart from the fact that I've had to layer the inside of each with bluetac - the curse of thin fingers - they are probably the most perfect pieces of jewellery for me! You all know I have an obsession with gold and the plain style of these means that they go with literally anything and make it look super stylish. 

Primark - £1

The odd one out of this selection of bargains is my new beanie hat, which I didn't thrift or buy online. Still, it's certainly worth a mention considering it cost a mere £1! I have Primark to thank for such a bargain that is facilitating my new obsession with wearing beanie hats and dark lipstick 

Amazon 50p 

Honestly, I just thought this was cute. I have no other reason for purchasing it - no specific outfits in mind and no particular occasions. I just liked it and bought it and am yet to regret it! 

Thrifted - £1 

I would like to take a moment to recognise that Topshop sell scarves like this for nearly £20. Even I, with the limited maths skills that I poses, am able to see that means I found one hell of a bargain with this beauty! Maybe the fact that it's in my favourite print ever will convince me to stop dressing like it's summer most of the time. 

 Thrifted - £1.99 

Checked scarf number two. Basically, I shall be alternating between them in a continuous cycle of inexpensive style.

Finally, this heavenly bag. I really don't need a new bag but I really did need this one. Apart from the fact that it's a swoon-worthy tapestry print, its shape makes it unbelievably roomy and (dare I say it?) practical. Of all the pieces I bought it's probably the one most likely to have true longevity in my wardrobe.

I find that when you buy something cheaply, it stops being about how much you spend and becomes a case of how much you've saved! I'm yet to discover whether that's a good or bad thing.

Bethany Paige X


  1. Omfg a ring for 50p?! Im defo going to look for one now x

  2. Ah that blackwatch tartan scarf! Such an awesome find! xx