Thursday, 14 August 2014

August Wishlist

It seems like years since I’ve done a general wishlist. Don’t ask me why because I’ve fallen in love with just as many things as I do in other months. I guess I’ve just had other blogging inclinations recently.
Whatever the reason, that time has arrived once more. Cue dramatic silence. It’s time for my August wishlist! Cue exaggerated applause. 

Vita leather navy backpack - £45 La Moda UK // Gold and red faux septum ring - £14 La Moda UK // Running shorts - £15 Dark Pink London // Grid patter bag - £22.99 Newlook and purse price unknown // Candle in Afternoon Tea - £7.95 Busy Bee Candles // Triangle cup bra - £18 Topshop // 
I know, two backpacks is a little keen, isn't it? But I couldn't chose between them. Firstly we have this navy La Moda beauty which has just been released on their website. Its classic style makes it ridiculously versatile and it looks like it would be quite roomy too. You can't go wrong when something is gorgeous and practical. Perhaps a tad less sensible is the checked one from New Look which is considerably smaller but just as beautiful. 
La Moda also provided me with another wishlist opportunity in the form of their new range of Faux Septum rings. I actually prefer some of their other styles but they won't be restocked until next week which means I'm going to have to control myself!
I've been a fan of pastels this month as you can see. These Dark Pink London Shorts are so sweet (and on sale) it's hard to resist. Paired with a masculine, oversized t-shirt and some chunky white sliders they would be just perfect. Equally as sugary is this triangle bra. I have a bit of a soft spot for pretty undies and as soon as I saw this I needed it.
Finally, these Busy Bee Candles in Afternoon Tea - "Top notes of relaxing indulgent sweet tea with lemon zest, drops of honey nectar and the extra zing of cardamom spice. Gorgeous, complex fragrance perfect to relax with." Need I say more? 
Bethany Paige X

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  1. Now you have featured the rucksack and purse I could cry, I ummed and ahhed over what to get in new look and this was in my basket until it didn't make the cut WAHHHH xxx