Sunday, 31 August 2014

School uniform

It seems like only yesterday that I was counting down the days to the summer holidays. Willing time towards six weeks of shorts, crop tops and sandals. Don't ask me how, but suddenly I have less than a week until I'll be back in sixth form and back to clothing regulations! My whole wardrobe will alter to accommodate for days sat in classrooms in place of days in the sunshine. 

As much as I would rather stay in my summertime attire, at least I go to a school with a fairly liberal dress code. Whilst most sixth forms demand suits and ties, mine isn't so formal. So, with September quickly approaching, it seemed right to put together a few relatively inexpensive outfit ideas to get myself back into the academic dressing mind set!  

Jeans - £19.99 New Look // T-Shirt - £12 // Nike Roshe Runs - £70 
// Watch - £16.99 ASOS // Nail varnish - £2.99 Barry M 

Jacket - £70 Topshop // Trousers - £40 Topshop // Top - £4.99 New Look // Bag - La Moda UK £18 // Shoes - La Moda UK

Skirt - £45 Topshop // Jumper - £14.99 New Look // Shoes - £28 La Moda UK //  Bag - £18 La Moda UK // Necklace - £8 ASOS // Scrunchie - £6.50 

I guess my school wardrobe next years is looking very black, white and grey! 
Bethany Paige X

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  1. I love these looks so much I really want a checked duster coat and love the snakeskin shoes, basically all these styles I LOVE xx

    Blonde of carbs