Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The problem of "smart casual"

I've never been a fan of dress codes. Turning up to an event in a ballgown with everybody else is in jeans, that I can handle. Being sent instructions stating that I should come to an event in clothes that are "smart" or (even worse) "smart casual", I'm not so good with. The problem I face is distinguishing what constitutes as smart casual. Because, let's be honest, leggings and a hoodie with a suit jacket would look pretty ridiculous. 

The wikipedia page for "smart casual" explains it quite aptly. It's an " ill-defined dress code that is generally a neat yet informal attire." Emphasis there on the "ill-defined". 

This exact problem is one that I've had to face recently since starting a week of work experience at the news desk of my local newspaper. As soon as I received conformation of my place I was also hit with those two words that I dread most when it comes to getting dressed - smart casual. Why can't people be more specific?

Putting my fashionable good Samaritan hat on though, I thought I'd put together a few outfit ideas as my take on the smart casual dress code to help those of you that are (like me a week ago) stuck on how to tackle the look.

Cigarette trousers - £42 Topshop // Shirt - £30 Topshop // 
Bag - Grafea $250 // Shoes - £16 Topshop // Nail varnish in Navy - £2.50 Barry M 

Black culottes - £17.99 New Look  // Ribbed vest - £6 Topshop// 
Longline blazer - £45 // Shoes - £40 ASOS // Nail Varnish in Alpine Snow - OPI //
Ring - £6.50 Topshop 

Midi skirt - £48 Topshop // Top - £26 Topshop // Shoes - £68 Topshop // 
Bag - £22.99 New Look // Nail varnish in Glitzerland - OPI

No need to thank me, 
Bethany Paige X


  1. The last look is absolute perfection, but I love all the ones you have picked out they are genuinely v helpful xxx

    1. Thank you Jessica! Glad I could be useful to at least one person haha xx