Tuesday, 5 August 2014

White jeans: From loathe to love

Until recently I was absolutely against the idea of white jeans. I can't really explain myself, I just felt as tough jeans should be black, blue or grey and nothing in between. There was no logic behind it I will admit but it did take an awful lot to make me entertain the idea of denim in different shades. I know, I'm so behind the times! As I said though, this is all in the past.

Thanks (as usual) to the internet I've gone from loathe to love on the white jeans front. High waisted wearing Tumblr folk have me creating outfits in my mind for a larger proportion of the day than I care to admit. At some point these mental images manifested themselves into something a bit more tangible in the form of outfit collages that have made me even more tempted to take the white denim plunge in the form of the American Apparel Easy Jeans.

 Crop top - £6 River Island at ASOS // Bag - Grafea £180 // 
Shoes - £35 La Moda UK // nail varnish - O.P.I £8 //

Shirt - £35 Topshop // Trainers - Nike £79 // Sunglasses - £16 Topshop

Kimono - £65 Topshop // Sliders - £12 La Moda UK //
Crop top - £12 Topshop // Bag - £15 Topshop

Now the only real question is, when will I get my hands on these beauties?

Bethany Paige X


  1. Nonono sorry Bethany but I can't do it, I canNOT get behind white jeans ever, sorry I renounce my status as fblogger haha but I hate them!

    ... with that said, if anyone can make them work I bet you could. Mainly cos I know you wouldn't make them look white trash/40 year old mutton haha xxx


  2. I LOVE white jeans and love how you have styled them, I stil don't own a pair as I am scared haha xxx