Thursday, 30 August 2012

Discovering the beauty of boucle

Chanel’s little black jacket is one of the most classic pieces of fashion history. Everything about it, from the sophisticated and minimalist cut through to the boucle fabric, is truly iconic. It’s every fashion lover’s dream to own the classic black Chanel jacket. It’s so versatile and I honestly believe that it can finish any outfit amazingly. Unfortunately the jacket is reserved for the very elite or those willing to save for a long  (and I mean long) time, with a rather large price tag of around $3000. Obviously I can’t afford that, but recently I’ve noticed that the ability to get a high-street priced slice of Chanel style has become far easier. Boucle fabric is on the rise and is bringing class, without it becoming “Granny”, along with it.
The boucle best:
Dorothy Perkins:
Black sparkle boucle jacket - £49
Fluorescent Boucle Peplum Top - £22
Co-ord Mint Boucle Skirt - £38
Co-Ord Fluro Boucle Jacket - £65
Fluro Boucle Bralet - £16

Although I’ll most probably never own a Chanel jacket, or any Chanel in fact, I can dream. Until that day comes I shall have to make do with high-street copies of the little black jacket and the use of boucle in other clothes.

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X


  1. That flouro peplum beauty is top of my wishlist!! X

    1. It's so cute, I love it too! Thanks for reading x

  2. Super cute! & same here ... I probably wont own any Chanel either, but yes we can dream! :)

    xo - Britt

  3. I love peplum and that top is amaazing. Also, I'll join the club, I can dream , too for a Chanel jacket. Anyway beautiful blog !! :)

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