Saturday, 4 August 2012

Well if the shoe fits...

Dorothy Perkins has never really been a favourite shop of mine (I’ve always been more of a Topshop girl myself) but today it certainly climbed higher in the ranks. I got a pair of DP sandals, and my-oh-my are they beautiful. I’ve actually needed a pair of sandals for a while because the only ones I had were my Juju jellies, and as much as I love them, there are some outfits that simply don’t work with nostalgic shoes like those. My new ones are a lot more sophisticated and will go with tons more. They’re made of a white leather with a metallic gold heel and buckles. At first I didn’t notice the gold block heel, but once I did my shoe crush blossomed in to full blown love. They’re so chunky which is amazing because I’m not a delicate shoe person.  Seriously stilettoes and I don’t work well together at all! I can see these going with so much in my wardrobe, especially some of my chiffon midis. Another bonus is that they were in the sale for £10 down from £30 - a total bargain.

I have my Dad to thank for me being able to add these drops of heaven to my shoe collection. I’ll wear them all the time so it was wonderful of him to buy them for me.

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X