Monday, 6 August 2012

Rihanna does it again.

Okay so we all know that I have an obsession with Rihanna’s style, but I just have to show you all one of the gorgeous outfits she wore whilst in St Tropez recently.

Perfect, no? From her gold sandals right up to the lion-esque locks, her and the weather are hot together. Firstly let’s start with the bag. Prada! Not only Prada, but a very pale pink, woven madras tote with subtle gold detailing by Prada.  If I had the same sort of money that she has, I would be sure to add this to my bag collection, which would be huge by the way.  Then the skirt, possibly my favourite part of the whole outfit. There’s something about partially sheer skirts this summer that has me going crazy. I can’t help but wonder if a better beach cover-up actually exists?  She gets away with the super short underskirt/shorts as only rihanna can, plus the white works so well against her skin tone.
It’s not like it's the first time she’s been seen looking fantastic in a crochet style skirt either:

Anyway, back to the first outfit. The multi coloured strapless bikini top brings real edge to the look. It takes a primarily cutesy ensemble (I mean pale pink bag and white crochet skirt - adorable) and makes it more RiRi. The gold arm cuff and hoop earrings also give it that Rihanna touch that I adore. Just add statement rings, pale pink talons and a delicate gold body chain for perfection.

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X


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  3. Liking her in that bra - not easy style to pull on.