Saturday, 20 July 2013

Current obsessions: Pastel edition

You may well notice whilst reading that this wishlist is completely compiled of clothes in dainty pastels and washed out shades. Although this was entirely unintentional, it turned out to be a rather happy coincidence, giving my current obsessions a kind of theme. Well, it's very easy to see where heart is at this week! 

The 90s called...It wants its dress back! Yes, I know this pini is just so 20 years ago. If you're a regular reader though, you'll know that's the exact reason why this denim beauty jumped out at me. The light wash contrasts perfectly with the heavy duty straps to create a beautiful 90s concoction that's just too good to pass up. 

Don't you just want to hate them? Jelly shoes do after all go against every fashionista's rule book. Yet, there's something about them - whether it be their clunky look or nostalgia inducing nature - that makes them all rather desirable. A year after writing this post, I'm still to get over my seemingly endless unconventional love. 

This skirt is just adorable. The embellishment, the pale pink colour, the sheer bottom section. Everything. I love all of it! It seems like the kind of wardrobe staple that could seamlessly travel between day and night, with a simple switch from flats to heels. Not to mention how very ahead of the season any wearer would be. Blush pink is the colour of A/W 2013, didn't you know? 

If summer was a shoe it would look a little something (exactly) like this. These pastel lace ups, regardless of their somewhat clunky shape, seem as light as a feather due to colour. Perhaps I'm honing in once again on the 90s teenager that is undoubtedly not so hidden inside me!

Another pair of lace up pastel coloured shoes Bethany, Really? Yes, really. Sorry to be more than slightly repetitive but I simply couldn't face putting one pair in a leaving the other out. They're just too pretty! Plus, these have the added allure of a cutout back. 

Neopreen. Just about my favourite fabric. This sweater is so beautifully minimal that it's hard to see how it couldn't fit into anyone's wardrobe. It's undeniably versatile and has that sports luxe look that seems to always draw me in. However, perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself considering the weather is hitting highs of 30 degrees here in Kent! 

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