Wednesday, 24 July 2013

OOTD: Clashing continents

Oriental print trousers, an american football jersey and an oh-so-British satchel bag. It's safe to say that today's OOTD is quite the mix of continents. From top to stiletto clad toe, the whole outfit seems as though it shouldn't work. After all, a football jersey should be with jeans, and stilettos were made for a LBD. So really, putting the elements of this outfit together as an idea is bordering on insane. Yet, somehow I think it just works.

Despite the clashing pieces the outfit seems to flow, although perhaps a little unconventionally. The colours of yellow and black continue through each item with only the blue on the satchel bag deviating from the scheme. This makes the ensemble seem jointed, but in no way dull!

Thanks to the laid back and almost blindingly bright trousers with the two strap heels, the look is perfect for summer. It's stylishly light, meaning I'm able to cope in the heatwave that's hit England over the past few weeks!

 Shoes - Primark, trousers - thrifted, top - unknown shop, bag - LYDC

What do you guys think?
Bethany Paige X

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