Tuesday, 16 July 2013

OOTD: Nostalgia

Nostalgia: A sentimental longing for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. 

With a sticker covered clutch bag, a pair of lilac jelly shoes and a rather clunky watch, it's safe to say that this OOTD has a huge sense of nostalgia surrounding it. And that's why I love it! Everything about the outfit transports me back in time, to the tamagotchis and hula hoops and grazed knees and sun cream smothered faces of an 8 year old Beth. I don't think I've ever worn an outfit that has exuded more fun! 

I paired my unconventional accessories with a simple denim skater skirt (the perfect thing to spin in) and my "Rave cat" oversized tee. A tartan hair scrunchie and pair of reflective sunglasses seemed the perfect addictions to the summery outfit. Cue collective "awhh!" 

Jelly shoes - JuJu Jellies, skirt - Miss Selfridge, top - Topshop, watch - Casio (found at a boot fare), clutch bag - DIY (found here), glasses - TK Maxx, scrunchie - unknown. 

I hope you're all having a lovely day, 
Bethany Paige X


  1. You look so cute and your hair is AMAZING

  2. I had purple jelly shoes like that when I was little^-^ The clutch is really cool as well, the stickers are so cute! x