Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Mission smile

I'm a strong believer that a smile is a gift. Among mornings full of commuters and busy mothers and moody teenagers on their ways to school, it's often a rarity to see someone crack a grin or even a smirk. It's unsurprising when you think about it. Let's be honest, our economy isn't in the best of states to put it mildly. Employment is rapidly becoming all the more rare and to top it all off, there was no coffee left this morning. How very, very dismal! It seems that world has become so caught up in these rather sad facts that a simple, free, and beautiful smile has become more surprising than the angry faces we often pass walking the streets of Britain.

I don't like that. I can't help but think that seeing a few people a day looking a little happier with the world, would somewhat brighten it. After all, doesn't a smile from a stranger make you want to smile too? That simple principle got me to thinking a few days ago. If I could find a way to make 10 people smile, maybe their smiles would make another 10 people to smile, and their smile could make another... well, you get the idea.

Using that basic notion I made a plan: Mission smile. Let me explain. The "read me" notes you can see above all had some basic, but rather lovely messages on the back. I then went out into my local area and placed the pieces of card around. I put them in bushes, stuck them to bus stops and rolled them in between wire fences, all 10 of them, in the hopes that maybe they would be found and perhaps brighten the days of the lucky discoverers.  

Here are some of the messages:

And some of my notes once out in the open:

That's it. Easy really. It's just a case of writing the notes, heading outside, putting them in some obvious and not so obvious places and then leaving the rest to whomever chooses to pick them up. The whole thing took me less than an hour and I actually really enjoyed it. Even the idea of making someone smile, made me smile! So, if the plan doesn't work on anybody else, at least it gave one person some happiness!

This is where you guys come in. I think it would be absolutely amazing if some of you followed my lead and went along with mission smile. It's exciting to think that as a group we could spread a smile throughout Britain, or even other countries around the world, isn't it? And all you need is some paper, a pen and a little spare time. It's really not much to ask for something that could make 10 people's days!

If you do get involved, I would love for you to let me know! Either comment on this post, write your own or tweet me (@PaigeOfFashion) with "#MissionSmile". Let's spread the word and get at least some people feeling a little happier, shall we?

Don't forget to smile,
Bethany Paige X