Monday, 22 July 2013

You're making me blush

Winter: A time for brown furs, dark red velvets and black leathers, right? Wrong. Not A/W 2013 at least. It seems that the usual dark and intense colour scheme associated with the cold weather will shift and be replaced with something a little more light hearted next season. Thanks to designers like Mui Mui, Simone Rocha and my personal favourite Roskanda Ilincic, cheeks aren't the only things that will be rosy this winter. Instead of deep shades, lightly blushed pinks are set to take center stage.Whether you chose to go with a powder pink co-ord or flushed silk, ankle skimming jacket, simply swapping your usual darker shades will take your wardrobe a stylish step forward.

As far as fabrics are concerned, it's not a simple case of swapping one for another. Among the silks reminiscent of sleep wear on the a/w 2013 catwalks, were tougher fabrics that contrasted with the pale pink colouring. PVC and leather dusted with the archetypal girly shade were seen spotted along the catwalks, whilst at other shows, fur lined silks with delicate sheen swayed past.

Both the unexpected and more predictable fabrics for the season had one simple thing in common: femininity.

Much like the other trends of a/w, the pink colour pallet embraces femininity. Through clever use of fitting and fabrics, designers managed to abolish the girly and overly youthful connotations attached to the shade, producing clothes with an overruling sense of sophistication.

There's almost a sweet irony in such a warm colour dominating such a cold period. In fact, it's quite hard to imagine a sugary pink clad lady trudging through British snow, or perhaps more likely sludge. Can you picture that beautifully light, silk Louis Vuitton jacket on a voyage down Oxford Street, being forced through a barrage of dirty rain and smokey wind? It seems implausible. Yet, if you allow the mind to wander past the expected heavy trench coats and jeans of winter, there's a sense of magic attached to such an image. Perhaps that's what makes this trend so beautifully composed. All though in summer it would perhaps feel a little more in place, in winter the colour seems as though it will create a sense of serenity among the chaos. The wearer would seem confident enough to go against the conventional and towards the nonchalant but somehow poised and undeniably sophisticated aura that this trend presents.

Bethany Paige X

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