Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Delicate decadence

A/W 2012 saw decadence within fashion hit a whole new level. Observers watched as the baroque trend made its prominent entrance into the season through Dolce and Gabbana, as oversized 70's style Perspex jewels began to pop up on the fashion scene thanks to Prada, and as Louis Vuitton certainly didn't scrimp on heavy fabrics and affluent finishes. It was the season of opulence. However, as the calendar flipped so too did the general feel within fashion. It seems that the clothes previously covered in jewels and other bordering on insane finishes, have been entirely wiped clean. Just a look at the catwalks of Jil Sander, J.JS Lee and Stella McCartney is proof enough that clothing has leaped in an entirely new direction. Fashion presents an idea of simplicity and the use of precisely cut pieces demonstrates the beauty one can find within minimalism at the moment.

 As can only be expected, this breath of fresh air will only last so long and undoubtedly, some more decadent pieces will begin to become apparent as time progresses. Looking forward at the A/W 2013 catwalks - a year after those heavy jewel encrusted fabrics screamed onto the scene – it does seem that adornments are once again beginning to make an appearance. This time around though, there’s a level of restraint among the embellishments and more evolved touches.

In place of the loud and very obvious adornments that were so huge (no pun intended) just over 12 months ago, the coming season has showcased a more subtle take on embellishments. The casual touch of sparkle or the nonchalant addition of relaxed decadence is, according to the A/W 2013 catwalks, enough to get any fashionista through the cold months. The likes of Louis Vuitton, Preen, Prada and even to some extent Gucci, have all played down previous extravagances, without having the clothes be entirely minimal like those in this season. 

Petit jewels have been scattered in delicate clusters. Dainty silks and velvets have bought a slight but introvert sheen to the runways. Nosier sections have been intercepted with panels of simplicity to stop each ensemble from becoming too obtrusive.

It’s as though designers want us to showcase our luxurious side, without being too overt in doing so. The more understated touches of A/W don’t negate from the lavish feel of the clothes, nor do they make one question the craftsmanship of each piece, but present instead a sophisticated air around the wearer. She is capable of balancing glamour and uncalculated style with ease. She seems to indulge herself, without being frivolous. 

Bethany Paige X

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