Monday, 1 July 2013

Stick it to the man

A few months ago in Company (one of my many monthly fashion magazine purchases) one particular page caught my attention. Among the spreads on clothes and lifestyle topics, on that beautiful paper that makes Company so desirable, was a single page entitled "Stick 'em up".
Perhaps one of the main reason it appealed to me was the nostalgia that it bought on. It depicted a large metallic gold clutch bag covered in the kind of stickers I, and probably most other youngsters, put on just about anything! My sister - she's only 2- is just as sticker obsessed as I was. I think it's something every child goes through, a right of passage if you will, in which they stick lions and dinosaurs and butterflies on stationary and walls and faces. So, the idea of smothering an oversized clutch with "puffy stickers" appealed to 8 year old me, who managed a few weeks later to convince 16 year old me to go for it and spend £5 on a mix of 3D stickers, diamonds and googly eyes in preparation.
I decided to use my large silver clutch bag with neon zip and studding (H&M) as the base of my masterpiece! Then, I took out my collection of distastefully large diamonds and pearls, childlike dinosaurs and sea creatures, and either creepy or hilarious googly eyes ready to randomly spread over the bag. The result? A rather insane accessory with the ability to transport you to a time of screaming "you're it" and never letting your Tamagotchi out of your sight, that somehow still manages to have a supreme modernism about it. I can see it slotting, or should I say sticking, into my wardrobe perfectly!

What do you think?
Bethany Paige X

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