Thursday, 29 August 2013

Current obsessions: School days

1. Midi kilt - £48 2. Trafford runners - £28 3. Africa satchel - £30 4. Checked shirt - £28 5. liberty skirt - £25 6. Mini backpack - £25 7.Varsity dress - £50 8. Pork pie hat - £25 9. Boxer shorts - £34 10. Lace trim socks - £3.50 11. T bar geek shoes - £32 12. Acid pini dress - £38. All Topshop. 

It's less than a week until school starts here in the UK (sorry to remind you all), so it was quite a happy coincidence when I realised that, half way through making today's wishlist, all of the items had hints of classic school uniform about them. From the pork pie hat and patent shoes through to the gym kit like trainers, every piece of clothing has a nostalgic almost comforting feel about it, much like the school uniform you've worn for years. Of course, with these beauties, the outfit would be somewhat more stylish than a pleated school skirt and jumper combo! Still, the reference is there.

Bethany Paige X

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