Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Shrug it off

It's almost inevitable that every season designers will cut panels out of their clothing or leave large fragments of flesh on show. Often, it's the midriff and more than occasionally the upper leg, meaning crop tops and leg slits leave behind a rather bemused bunch of fashion followers, who of course don't have the same proportions as those on the runway. Because of this, most people abandon the idea entirely, sticking with tops that cover the tummy region. Perhaps a select few may spend hours in the gym in attempts to firm up the assets which in vogue at the time, but either way, a sacrifice is made, be it cookies or the crop tops.

Perhaps that's why there was a lustful sigh of relief resonating throughout fashion lovers at the A/W 2013 shows. A new way to flash the flesh was introduced that does't involve doing 100 crunches at every given opportunity! The usual on show assets were somewhat overshadowed by a body part a little less typical - the shoulders.

Thanks to the likes of Prada, a nonchalantly fallen shoulder strap is the new way to be daring without being too daring. It creates an image of slight carelessness, an almost rebellion against the usual structure and shapes, but to the delight of many, this rebel need not have the model figure that other trends warrant. Simply allowing ones coat to drape past the shoulder blade is enough.

Similarly to many trends for AW 2013, the overwhelming mood is that of effortlessness. A shoulder flash may be in style, but it must also appear as a perfectly executed accident.

What a happy coincidence that your out of place strap looks so fabulous, right ladies?

Bethany Paige X

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  1. Prada's collection was beautiful this season, I love the off the shoulder looks, great post!

    Dan x