Thursday, 1 August 2013

My time away

Yet again I must start a blog post with these words - I'm back! After a week in London on my NCS scheme I am once again back home, although similarly to last time, only for a very short period before I head off to Devon tomorrow. A few people asked me to post some pictures of my time away and who am I to argue? So, here are a few of my snaps from both Wales and London to give you all a little insight into my life for the past two weeks. 

Just a warning, this post is very selfie heavy! 

Hope and I

Danny, Brenya, Reiss, Hope and I

Hollie, Meg, Emma, Kayleigh, Hope, Kels, and I 

Kels and I

Megan and I

kayleigh, Hollie and I

I hope you all had an amazing week like I did! 
Bethany Paige X

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