Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Tumblr effect

I've always been a devote magazine buyer. For as long as I can remember I've spent my evenings flicking through the pages of fashion mags - back then it was "Mizz" and now it's "Vogue" - lusting over the spreads of beautiful clothes I couldn't and still can't really afford. It was this addiction (I have over £150 worth of magazines stacked up in my bedroom), that truly lead me to love fashion. They act as one of my main sources of inspiration for dressing and almost always have, along side other blogs these days of course.

However, I do also realise that as far as teenage girls go I'm not particularly "normal". I don't suppose the average teen buys Vogue, InStyle, Company and Elle every single month leaving her somewhat broke and even less likely to be able to afford those clothes on page 21 (the "style idol" spread in this month's Company in case you were curious), does she? I've been questioning for a while where this typical British teen does get her style inspiration if not from magazines, and the answer seems fairly simple - Tumblr.

Yes Beth, it's 2013, no need for paper anymore when you can have a wealth of fash inspo at the click of a button! I should have thought about it sooner, I am a fashion blogger after all, although on an entirely different platform! It's all Tumblr, the online home to millions of adolescents and seemingly the modern and youthful answer to Vogue.

Suddenly I'm feeling rather uncomfortable and out of date.

It seems that my generation are truly enticed by "Tumblr girls". You know, the pastel coloured hair, tatted up, ear stretcher types who wear white knee high socks and baggy t-shirts (stereotypical speaking that is). And with each re-blog the obsession grows further more, leading girls in the the realms of "hipster". I'll admit, I can see the appeal. Going against convention and having pale blue hair and a feather tattooed on the arm does have a certain "I'm a stylish rebel" ring to it. Still, it's not for me.

(Disclaimer: I don't know these girls personally, 
nor do I know their Tumblr links, I just found these on google!)

I'm a firm believer that the camo jacket made its huge mark last summer not due to Karl Lagerfeld, but instead due to the hundreds of pictures of Tumblr girls in their oversized army jackets that circled through the online universe. Similarly, it wasn't Christopher Kane who created such a buzz about galactic prints, again we have Tumblr to thank...Or blame.

Of course, there's a style blog for everyone. Those devoted to the street style of women swanning around LFW and the latest catwalk shots exist, pushing the social networking site even further towards being an updated version of the magazine. It does seem though that the bleached, dyed and oversized Tumblrs have the most impact on people of my age. 

Don't get me wrong, in my eyes there's no way that sites such as Tumblr could make the likes of Vogue obsolete any time soon, but it's undeniable that to hundreds of teens this social networking craze acts as an invaluable inspiration source. Even I, the fashion magazine obsessed 16 year old who barely touches her Tumblr account, can see its social prevalence. 

It does make me wonder; in 30 years time when people hold 2010s themed parties, will high waisted Levis, air max and an aquamarine wig be the costume of choice?  

I can hear it now - 
"What are you going as to the party?" 
"I'm going as a Tumblr Girl" 

Bethany Paige X


  1. I loved reading this, you write really well!

    I can just imagine 2010s parties now. The worst thing about this Tumblr image is girls wearing hotpants with the bum cheeks hanging out of the bottom. Although maybe I'm just getting a bit older now..

    1. Thank you very much, what a lovely compliment!

      Hahaha no I completely agree, bum cheeks on show - not a good look! x