Friday, 16 August 2013

Riviera culture

France: The fashion capital of the world. Famed for its effortlessly chic clothing, France is undeniably one of the most important countries on the style map. Just a mention of the name is enough to conjure thoughts of a buzzing Parisian fashion week, or the copious boutiques that cover the land within the minds of anybody vaguely acquainted with the design industry!

Perhaps the most prominent of the many styles associated with French culture is that of the Riviera. The minimal tailoring, injections of animal print and almost stereotypical stripes mean that every summer, if not throughout the whole year, fashion lovers are saying left saying “ooh la la” to the look! The colour pallet is simple – it’s all about blues, blacks and whites – with the basic rules of pairing coming into play. Despite this simplicity though, the style remains endlessly fashionable. 

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Bethany Paige X

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